In today’s plugged-in world it can be difficult to find the off switch and find time for you; to relax, rewind and revitalise. In the search for a solution, consider embracing the power of heat.

Known for its healing powers to relieve aches and pains, heat is also proven to help boost your mood. So instead of chilling out, consider heating up at the end of long day in front of the computer or running around after the family. 

When you heat up tired, aching muscles, your blood vessels get bigger, this allows more oxygen and nutrients to be delivered and this better circulation means relaxation for those muscles. It could be the perfect end of the working day remedy to those niggling aches as a result of being tied to your desk. 

Think of the effect eating a steaming bowl of soup on a winter’s day, taking a long warm bath or thawing your feet by the fire has on you. They all offer comfort, a relief from anxiety and an element of safety. This is the power of heat.

In a busy, modern world however, it can be difficult to find the time to lounge in the sanctuary of the bathroom, for example. Our time is precious. And our me-time even more so. And in our search for immediate yet luxurious answers, the solution could be a practical, reusable heat pack. A non-invasive, non-medicinal way to provide relief and relaxation and get you back to being you. 

What’s more, today heat packs are available with a range of essential oils which enhance the calming properties of heat. Think of it as the combination of lighting your favourite candle, getting cosy, closing your eyes and letting you senses recharge.